Full Frame awards The Interrupters, swoons for A Good Man

This weekend's Full Frame Documentary Film Festival featured an auspicious double bill of Kartemquin's two newest films, A Good Man and The Interrupters, and both films were warmly received by the audiences in Durham, North Carolina.

Bill T. Jones attended the A Good Man world premiere on Sunday, as did all the film's main crew. A standing ovation greeted the film, and Bill delighted the packed crowd by dancing on stage for the post-screening Q and A. Comments such as "Congratulations on an illuminating, thought-provoking, and very entertaining film," "Both the man and the film are lovely, beautiful, works of great art," and "A beautiful testament to Bill T. Jones' dedication to modern forms in the face of one of his most important and personal pieces" were tweeted in response. We were also most delighted to read this capsule review of the film in IndyWeek.com:

"An unusually intelligent, thoughtful and well-constructed examination of an artist and his work, this film succeeds in illuminating both. It follows Bill T. Jones, one of contemporary dance's great thinkers, as well as one of its great makers, as he, his company, his collaborating composer and musicians undertake together the arduous process of creating the complex dance-theater piece, Fondly Do We Hope, Fervently Do We Pray. The film is as crammed with ideas and information as the artwork, but it deals evenhandedly with both concept and craft, and will be revelatory to many with regard to what it takes to bring an huge stage work to life."


A Good Man co-director Gordon Quinn says in response to this review: "this is what we thought we were doing" when making the film. It's great that so many of you feel the same way!

Playing in competition, The Interrupters won a Special Jury Award from Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies, was selected for a sneak second screening, and continued its run of rave reviews from critics and the public. Sample comments: "a challenging and engaging documentary, one that should be used to deepen our conversations about how to reduce violence," and "may be the most important film of the past few years."

Check out interview with Steve, Alex and Ameena from The Interrupters at the festival, and with Bob Hercules and Gordon Quinn on A Good Man below. We hope to have a lot more photos and video from the weekend posted here soon.



Both films will again double bill this coming weekend at the Minneapolis/St.Paul Film Festival. As with Full Frame, to mark this KTQ DOUBLE DOUBLE if you email, facebook post, or tweet a pic of your tickets to both films we will send you a free Kartemquin DVD set in return!