Your responses to Inquiring Nuns

Inquiring Nuns was broadcast on WTTW in Chicago last night as the opening film in their year-long celebration of Kartemquin's 45th anniversary. A film about two nuns wandering the streets of Chicago asking people "are you happy?" was never going to fail to get a response, and the classic 1968 cinema verite documentary did just that. Here's a selection of some of our favorite responses from Twitter, and your own comments on the film's page on this website:

"Did you catch @Kartemquin 's INQUIRING NUNS, 2nite on WTTW? Amazing!" - @MartaSteele.

"Just saw this on WTTW. It made me happy." - Brian.

"@wttw The Inquiring Nuns was awesome." - @MPBaileyMP.

"Wttw 11 "I just want more understanding & love in the world" (:" - @Rodrimanda

It was interesting to return to the 60's...Viet Nam...
Enjoyed the Chicago neighborhoods..Hyde Park, Old Saint Marys'..." - Greg.

"WTTW was showing Inquiring Nuns as part of a celebration of the production company’s 45th anniversary. More Kartemquin films will follow. Could they be as strangely interesting as Inquiring Nuns?" - Josh is Interested.


And in particular, this run of comments by @Ericarima during and after the film made us very happy:

  1. "Filming 2 nuns asking people in Chicago if they're happy. Somebody thought this was a good idea?" - @Ericarima
  2. "Yet I can't turn it off. #InquiringNuns" - @Ericarima
  3. "The difference between "pleased" and "happy" is now being discussed. #InquiringNuns "Happiness is a warm puppy" was just said." - @Ericarima
  4. "I'm now mentally preparing my own answer just in case somebody stops me on the street to ask if I'm happy. #InquiringNuns" - @Ericarima
  5. "@Kartemquin I really did end up enjoying the program. Both the interviews and the footage of Chicago in '68. #InquiringNuns" - @Ericarima
  6. "@Kartemquin Any plans to send Sister Arne and Campion out to see if Chicago is as unhappy with current wars as they were with Vietnam?" - @Ericarima

We'd also like to salute the INSPIREmeChicago blog for posting about the film.

Inquiring Nuns is available on DVD. The DVD includes a 2008 interview with the nuns in which they comment on why they took part in the film, and how their lives have developed in the years since they made it (neither of them remained nuns).

Thanks for all your great feedback, and we hope you'll tune into the next Kartemquin film on WTTW - the world premiere television broadcast of Prisoner of Her Past at 9pm on April 28th!