Milking the Rhino awarded by Social Entrepreneurship Fund

We are pleased to announce that Milking the Rhino, the forthcoming
documentary from Producer/Director David E. Simpson from a concept by
Co-Producer Jeannie Magill, is the recipient of a $150,000 grant from the
PBS Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Fund. The Fund was established in
2006 by way of a multi-million dollar grant from the Skoll
, with the purpose of highlighting the work of people acting
as change agents, improving systems, inventing new approaches, and creating
sustainable solutions to better society.

Milking the

portrays rural Africans at the forefront of
community-based conservation: a revolution that is turning poachers into
preservationists and local people into the stewards of natural

With this grant, a strong outreach plan will be built and
executed for RHINO, as well as an informative and resource-rich website to
support the film's life beyond broadcast. These materials will help
the film achieve its dual goal of challenging a general audience's
preconceptions of conservation, and providing inspiration for those working
and teaching within the field.