Hoop Dreams: the 'Most Iconic Chicago Film'

The March 17th edition of Time Out Chicago is dedicated to 'Windy City Madness', featuring a series of tournament brackets on Chicago's "Champions of sports, culture and politics."

We're proud to state that they picked Hoop Dreams as the winner of the brackets for 'Most Iconic Chicago Film', and wrote the following: "Hoop Dreams is not just a movie but life; not just Chicago but America."

More March Madness-related Hoop Dreams mentions came from J. M. Tyree's article for Slate about his brother Shaka Smart, the men's basketball coach at Virginia Commonwealth University. In the article, Tyree states "that the shared love in our family for the documentary Hoop Dreams—a VHS tape worn down by many viewings—may well have played a subliminal role in my becoming a film critic and Shaka becoming a coach."