Talkin' Typeface with the Moran Brothers

Check out this interview with Hamilton Wood Type Museum's Moran Brothers, who stopped by Kartemquin headquarters to chat with us about the huge impact that Typeface has had on the museum, the town of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and also in uniting the letterpress community. As Jim Moran puts it, people who see the film are regularly emailing him saying "I just saw the film... what can I do help?" That's exactly the sort of engagement we love to hear about at Kartemquin. Watch the video here!

Typeface will begin broadcasting on PBS stations across the country beginning April 4th. You can call your local station and request the film today. We'll also be updating fans with new screenings and broadcasts, so stay tuned.


absolutely brilliant..! so glad that the film has made such an impact, and to help the moran brothers. the {inter} connectivity, via the web and places like facebook prove this to be a great event! {and that there are positive good stories} i wish them all the very best, would love to go over to the states, check out the residencies, - some day.