Sundance praise for The Interrupters

The Interrupters had two extremely successful public screenings at Sundance this past weekend, with the violence interrupters and the film's crew receiving standing ovations from the sold out crowds. With two more screenings this weekend, many of the people associated with the film are still in Park City, but we will soon have some videos and pictures from their trip to share with you (we also already posted some great green room pictures and a radio interview on the film's Facebook page). Also, check out the new website for the film - containing four new clips.

In the meantime, read some of the great reviews the film has received at Sundance, from both critics and viewers on the web and Twitter:

"Oscar Material" - Roger Ebert, via twitter.

"The film not only suggests, but demonstrates, through the heroic investment by its subjects, day to day, that the cycle of violence can be broken, and must be broken. In the words of one, the goal is “humility and not anger.” These are powerful stories of trust, transformation, and renewal of hope in Chicago streets and the hearts of America. The closing shot is elegiac, literally dazzling, as sunset ripples golden-orange across the Chicago skyline seen from the west, not the Lake, and yet it also says Chicago, and cities, and Chicagoans, and the hope for a better nation still stand, and stand strong. It’s a powerful image, evoking one last tear, at least from this longtime Chicagoan." - Ray Pride, Movie City News

"An important, moving film that will change preconceptions about what inner-city life is like." - The Capital Times

"An incredible and moving film... I admit it was a roller coaster for my emotions, as I honestly shed a few tears at moments of both sadness and hopefulness. Any concern about the film's length is met with the realization that it could not be any shorter. Every second is necessary.... As U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan states in a press conference about the latter murder (of teen Derrion Albert), "seeing something on video seems to wake up this country." Will that be true of viewers seeing 'The Interrupters'? Academy recognition will likely bring a larger audience to a film like this, and then maybe we'll see. " - Moviefone

"An exciting film, a few scenes recall moments from “The Wire,” and a moving story about the full breadth of human capacity – evil, empathy, and transformation." - The Faster Times

"On average, I shed tears 2 times every 60 minutes." (Rating: 'Excellent') -

"Simply calling THE INTERRUPTERS powerful would be a gross understatement. Much will be discussed about the film’s length, at a whopping two hours and forty minutes it may be a barrier to entry for some. It should not be, though, as there is not a second in THE INTERRUPTERS that is anything even remotely less than riveting." - Gordon and the Whale

"A little unsteady after watching THE INTERRUPTERS. An intimate, landmark study of violence and its infection of inner city Chicago." - Michelle Orange, via Twitter.

"The Interrupters' is a brilliant & incredibly inspirational doc about people doing good. The only way to stop violence is to try." - Ryland Aldrich(Enderzero), via Twitter.

"Just got back from the premiere of The Interrupters. Highly recommended. Powerful, inspirational, captures our time." - Jeff Chang(Zentronix), via Twitter.

"A great filmmaker and superb cultural journalist merge their talents brilliantly in the astonishing The Interrupters. If there's a better film shown here this festival, 2011 is going to be very memorable." - Patrick McGavin (across 2 tweets), via Twitter.

"Overheard at The Temple theater at #Sundance now after "The Interrupters": "I think I am just gonna watch all documentaries this year." - Eugene Hernandez (IndieWire co-founder), via Twitter