The Interrupters trailer is an internet smash

A number of film blogs picked up on our release of the poster and trailer for The Interrupters last night, causing a very strong reaction and some high praise. Responses included:

"The Interrupters has a good chance to become the most important film of 2011" -

"It’s a lock that I’ll be checking out The Interrupters as soon as possible" -

"This is definitely one of the must see films of the year that will serve a purpose beyond entertainment." -

The trailer and poster were also posted and praised by commenters on,,, and There was also a first sneak mini-review of the film on the What (not) to doc blog. Calling the film "masterful," Sundance Documentary Programming Associate Basil Tsiokos states:

"Some viewers might be initially put off by THE INTERRUPTERS’ lengthy running time – but forget about that; you’ll find that the way [Steve] James has constructed his exceptional film will have you so engrossed that you won’t notice the time passing. So much is packed into the film that it at times feels like you’re watching a whole season of an exceptional TV show in one sitting."

The Interrupters will world premiere at Sundance film festival on January 21st, and will screen 3 more times at the festival. Tickets are now 'wait list only.' The film was also confirmed as the 'True Life Fund' selection for the True/False Film Festival this week. Follow @theinterrupters on Twitter and on Facebook to learn about new festival confirmations and clips from the film - coming soon!


Edit 01/19 - Here's a few more words of praise and excitement for The Interrupters:

"When you take director Steve James (HOOP DREAMS) and pair him with author-turned-producer Alex Kotlowitz (“There Are No Children Here”), you can expect a Chicago epic. Those expectations are fulfilled as they immerse us into an urban drama that plays like a non-fiction version of THE WIRE." - Thom Powers, Stranger Than Fiction

"This is a film that I cannot wait to see... So often with documentaries, you can feel the director and editor manipulate you into whatever emotional state that they’re going for, but with [Steve] James I truly feel that he allows the subject matter to speak for itself." -

"The grit, realism, and eclectic storytelling of James’s previous work seems to hit its apex here... looks to be one of the toughest and most inspiring at this year’s festival." - Film School

"Director Steve James made Hoop Dreams, a contender for the greatest documentary ever made, and his latest has all the hallmarks of repeating the balance of taut narrative and social awareness.  The fact that The Interrupters sound like real-life superheroes doesn't hurt, either." -

The trailer was also posted by Eric Zorn in the Chicago Tribune, at, and the film was mentioned by Sundance itself as one of the highlights of the festival's Documentary Premieres Showcase.


This video is great. You guys do such wonderful work. The Speh Foundation is so happy to be a part of your organization.