Accolades and praise for No Crossover

Capping off a great year for the film, No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson ended 2010 by picking up a new award and appearing at the top of critical 'best of' lists.

The film was also given special recognition as one of the ESPN "30 for 30" episodes honored with a Fall 2010 Cine Golden Eagle award, a recognised mark of excellence in television and cinema since 1957.

Individual websites, reviewers and bloggers have also praised the film. In its Best of 2010 survey, CultureBreach put No Crossover at #1 on its list of "5 Reasons ESPN's "30 for 30" were must-see TV". Basketball blog 'The Painted Area' also listed the film at #1 on its 2010 Hoop Documentary Power Rankings, created to mark "the richest year for outstanding basketball documentary films that we can remember." The blog praised Steve James for offering "the most fully-realized execution of the 30 for 30 ethos of first-person POV filmmaking" while remaining non-judgemental in his investigation of Iverson's trial and aftermath. That same approach was also praised in the Auteur Mark blog's 'top 10 documentaries of 2010' list, where No Crossover placed at #7.