No Crossover praised for opening dialogue on race

The Daily Press has heralded No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson for bringing "a winning spirit and good cheer" to the area in 2010. Stating that the film "provided the fullest account yet of the Allen Iverson bowling alley incident," journalist David Squires praised the film for using sports "as a backdrop to tell Hampton Roads and the nation that when race is involved, things can get irrational. Perhaps the film's biggest contribution is that it opened local dialogue on race, thanks to forums held during the local screenings." Read the full article. No Crossover director Steve James and subject Allen Iverson grew up in the Hampton Roads area.

The glowing mention caps a great year of success for Kartemquin's No Crossover, in which it completed a successful festival run and has been regurlarly praised as one of the best films in ESPN's award-winning 30 for 30 documentary series. The film is available on DVD from the Kartemquin store.

Look out for an upcoming announcement of a prestigious award for No Crossover, and screenings worldwide in 2011, Kartemquin's 45th anniversary year.