Typeface screenings make an impact

Typeface has been making a big impact on some viewers this week. First, there were these beautiful words from the Invokative blog, posted in relation to our Yorkshire, England screening from earlier this year:
"Not only was it moving to see the real life portrayal of the effects, changes, and fight for designing with wooden type; it was refreshing to sit with like-minded people, and enjoy the passion and value the master craftsmen placed on a lifestyle brought about through typography... The film was a precious glimpse into a shrinking world that is so important to not only remember, but also to draw and learn from; to carry on a legacy of excellence in design." Read the rest of one of the nicest reviews yet.
Then, there were these mouth-watering photos of letterpressed posters inspired by the film, courtesy of students at Carnegie Mellon School of Design and due to be displayed at the October 20th screening of the film in Pittsburgh.
And finally, after last night's screening just outside of Philadelphia, a viewer blogging at Candy Constellations was moved to post:
"Perhaps that Is what I will do with the rest of my life. Create posters and hand printed things with a printing press. Yes, I really do think I would enjoy that."
Who wouldn't?! Thanks again to all of the people who helped organize these screenings, and to all of the fans out there who keep making us smile with their love for the film! Kansas City is next - tomorrow night!