Typeface and idsgn spread a little letterpress love!

In conjunction with the popular design blog idsgn, Typeface (@typefacefilm) launched a 24 hour twitter competition yesterday aimed at spreading the love for letterpress. idsgn sent out a call for fans to tweet them back with a message stating 'Why I love letterpress' with the hashtag #iloveletterpress. The prize for the best response: a limited edition Typeface DVD!
The were some ingenious and heartfelt responses, and it was very difficult to pick a winner... but since we had to pick someone, we chose this pithy tweet for its humor and understanding of the craft:
@Marc_FIMP: #iloveletterpress because it puts real meat on the letters' bones.
Here's a selection of some of our other favorites:
@lost_found_blog #iloveletterpress b/c it makes us appreciate typography in its raw form- we often forget that as we type away on keyboards everyday.
@armina_79: #iloveletterpress because it is the right way to learn typography
@dcgglass: @idsgn #iloveletterpress bc it's so rich in history and uses all the senses: touch the type, smell the ink, hear the press,...
sumitpaul  #iloveletterpress because of the textures and the rich colors. Also no two letterpress prints are ever the same, they're one of a kind!
@the_junction: #iloveletterpress because it caries more meaning. You know whoever made it cared enough to kern every letter.
@alxcooper: #Iloveletterpress because... it takes too long, is bloody frustrating but we wouldn't have it any other way!
@SolvesDad: #Iloveletterpress because it puts energy on the page and makes love jump off into readers' eyes
@johnfoley: #iloveletterpress because it’s fundamentally impossible for it to be unimpressive.
@iglooletterpres #iloveletterpress because I get to use my grandad's press. The process reminds me of working with him.
You can find more entries on this trendistic chart. Thanks to all who entered and especially to idsgn!