THE INTERRUPTERS shines at Silverdocs

Kartemquin director Steve James took his upcoming film The Interrupters to the 2010 Silverdocs International Documentary Conference last week to participate in the prestigious Good Pitch event.

Steve James, The Interrupters co-writer/producer Alex Kotlowitz, and violence interrupter Ameena Matthews together presented a short demo of the film and spoke to the crowd of philanthropists and media funders about their plans for community engagements initiatives around the film's release. They were well received by the group and a number of potential funders verbally expressed interest in assisting their efforts with the project.

The next day, Steve participated in a conversation with Silverdocs head programmer Sky Sitney about his career. This report from the Center for Social Media about the event contains more information, including this quote about Steve's filmmaking style and the his relationship with Kartemquin:

"[Steve] James noted that while his films always have a point of view, they avoid polemics. Rather, he said, he wants to take the viewer on a voyage of discovery. “The trick of making a good doc,” he said, “is to take the viewer through the revelatory process that the filmmaker went through—but in less time.” He noted that work like his—often exploring hard-to-fund characters and situations, conducted over long periods of times, tackling the complexity of experience—has benefited from his relationship with Kartemquin Films. The production house provides a structure within which talent can be nurtured and good projects can be sustained."