Kartemquin and The Chicago Reporter

Kartemquin's 1975 documentary, Trick Bag, will be screened on October 19th
as a part of The Chicago Reporter's John A. McDermott Short Film
Festival program. The festival is in honor of the Reporter's 35th
anniversary and will include, in addition to Trick Bag, excerpts
from 3 films with connections to Kartemquin associates: David E. Simpson
(Halsted St. USA), Judy Hoffman (Voices from Cabrini) and
long-time Kartemquin friend Mike Gray (American Revolution 2). The
festival will also screen the winner of the McDermott short film
competition (Kartemquin's Justine Nagan served on the jury) and a
presentation on independent media and social change by the Reporter's

Join us for this incredible event:

October 19th,
5:30pm - 8:30pm

Chicago Cultural Center

tickets now.