Working With Us

Pitching Films

Thank you for your interest in Kartemquin Films. While the majority of our work stems from our core group of associates, we are interested in building relationships with other social-issue documentarians and supporting independent filmmaking. To this end, we offer several avenues of possible collaboration:

Occasionally we take outside projects on as Kartemquin films. These films are Executive Produced by Kartemquin leadership, at least 10% of the budget goes toward services provided by Kartemquin, and they are on Kartemquin’s financial books. Kartemquin gives these projects a home and filmmakers utilize our staff, offices, marketing expertise, fundraising experience, equipment and storage facilities. We ask that prior to contacting Kartemquin about this arrangement, filmmakers prepare their proposal (including budget, fundraising plan, distribution plan, and outreach ideas) and spend some time on Kartemquin’s website to make sure that their project resonates with our mission and history. Please contact if you are interested.

KTQ Consulting

Kartemquin’s staff and associates offer a variety of consulting services on documentary works-in-progress. Areas of expertise include: budgeting and proposals, technical services, work-flow, and creative story-telling. Hourly and day rates are available. Please contact if you are interested.

Fiscal Sponsorship

There are many good organizations that provide fiscal sponsorship to filmmakers and we are happy to give you a referral. We are not set up to facilitate multiple requests, but occasionally if the timing is right and the project resonates with our mission, we do take on new projects with this type of relationship. Please contact for more information.