WUHAN WUHAN is an observational documentary unfolding during February and March, 2020 at the height of the pandemic in Wuhan city, where the coronavirus began. With unprecedented access at the peak of the pandemic lockdown, WUHAN WUHAN goes beyond the statistics and salacious headlines and puts a human experience into the early days of the mysterious virus as Chinese citizens and frontline healthcare workers grappled with an invisible, deadly killer. The film focuses on five heart-wrenching and endearing stories: a soft-hearted ER doctor and an unflappable ICU nurse from the COVID-19 hospital; a compassionate volunteer psychologist at a temporary hospital; a tenacious mother and son who are COVID-19 patients navigating the byzantine PRC healthcare system; and a volunteer driver for medical workers and his 9 month pregnant wife whose heartfelt story forms the backbone of this film. When co-director, Gong Cheng, was locked-down in the city of Wuhan in February 2020, where he was prepping the production of a nature documentary, he pivoted and re-directed his crew to focus instead on filming a cross-section of people intersecting through the coronavirus. In May 2020, co-director Yung Chang was given this incredible raw footage and set about shaping it into a story. It is an independent production driven by filmmakers who believe that storytelling can create empathy and that by experiencing another person’s life, we may better understand our own. WUHAN WUHAN is a testament to the universality of our collective pandemic experience, that no matter what country, no one is immune to disease and that we, as a human species, share the same humanity in our struggle to survive.

94 minutes