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"When Billy Broke His Head… is not Hollywood fluff. It’s not Dustin Hoffman winning Tom Cruise a shitload of money in Vegas. It’s not Sean Penn trying to win an Oscar. It’s a bare bones look at the disabled in America, with a subjective view of course. Billy is pissed off and it shows through every second of his documentary. His attitude helps keep this film from becoming a sad cry for help. Those documentaries are out there en masse. Billy’s doc is a strong, sharp demand for action. Billy demands your attention for this full hour and he gets it."
"Disability, as interpreted through this filmmaker’s unblinking gaze, is something radically different from what the general public thinks or has seen before. And although Golfus and his partner refute the idea they are making an “inspirational” film, it is impossible for a good film not to have that effect. This film is informed by Golfus’s wit and perseverance, by his humor and his attitude, and by his and his compatriot’s insight and politics. The result is nothing short of inspirational."
"WHEN BILLY BROKE HIS HEAD may not be always easy to watch, but it is the kind of film that should be watched, and widely."
"Unique: an irreverently insightful film about a “serious” subject matter many people find depressing. In turn funny and shocking–but always realistic and down-to-earth–one-hour docu, whose aim is to change the public's perception of the disabled, should be seen by as many viewers as possible on TV and other venues."
"It is just this tone -- equal parts sarcasm, insight and anger -- that has made "When Billy Broke His Head" one of the year's most praised documentaries."