Typeface screenings make an impact

Typeface has been making a big impact on some viewers this week. First, there were these beautiful words from the Invokative blog, posted in relation to our Yorkshire, England screening from earlier this year: "Not only was it moving to see the real life portrayal of the effects, changes, and fight for designing with wooden type; it was refreshing to sit with like-minded people, and enjoy the passion and value the master craftsmen placed on a lifestyle brought about through typography... The film was a precious glimpse into a shrinking world that is so important to not only remember, but also to draw and learn from; to carry on a legacy of excellence in design." Read the rest of one of the nicest reviews yet. Continued

Typeface nominated for a regional Emmy!

Typeface has been nominated for a 2010 Emmy for Best Documentary - Current Significance by the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Congratulations to all of the Typeface team! The awards ceremony will be held on November 6. Get more information. Chicago audiences can catch a television broadcast of the film on WTTW 11 PBS at 9pm on November 18th, and there will also be a screening at Director Justine Nagan's alma mater, the University of Chicago, on October 22nd. Continued

Kartemquin Films on Netflix

You wanted it, you got it. Here is a complete list of all the Kartemquin Films currently available on Netflix. With the films listed as "Save to Queue", if enough people add them to their queue, they become available for shipping. So help Kartemquin and do it now! Happy watching! Save to Queue Prisoner of Her Past Typeface   Watch Instantly and DVD Hoop Dreams Continued

Typeface Tribe Parties in Texas

Typeface fan and designer Kyle Steed hosted a special screening of the film in his home last week in Dallas, Texas. After promoting the event on Twitter and his own website, Kyle gathered together a happy tribe of hardcore design lovers who - being the creative types characteristic of this film's community - were not content with just watching the film, but also made their own signage from beautiful hand-cut letters! Here's a link to more pictures from the night. Thanks to Kyle and friends! Continued

Typeface fan power in action

Typeface will screen in Pittsburgh on October 20th, and we want to thank you for helping make it happen! We launched a Screening Request map tool (made by Crowd Controls) a couple of weeks ago, and Typeface fans from across the world immediately took to action, putting down early markers in Chile, Brazil, England, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Singapore! But it was the fans in Pittsburgh who made the biggest impact, with their enthusiasm helping to set up the screening just announced today in conjunction with AIGA Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Yet another sign of the amazing community built around this film. Continued

Typeface Chicagoland TV premiere announced!

Great news for Chicago's Typeface fans: WTTW 11 will air the Illinois broadcast premiere of Justine Nagan's award-winning film on November 18th 2010 at 9pm. More details will be announced soon - but start planning your viewing party now! Want to get your local PBS network to show Typeface? Request a screening so we can show them the demand!Typeface was also featured in Chicago Art Magazine today in a great article about the film's impact in helping the resurgence of the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. Read "The Rebirth of Wood Type." Continued

The immediate impact of being on the YouTube homepage

On Tuesday, the trailer for Typeface was vaulted to the front page of YouTube thanks to one of the film's fans (read more about it here). Since this was a new experience for the film, we thought we'd share the stats on the impact this immediately had on our site traffic and sales, and also some thoughts on what it was like to have a mini-breakout into the mainstream away from the design, typography and letterpress community that has been such a huge supporter of the film from the start. Continued

Typeface trailer lands on YouTube homepage!

Thanks to the great taste of a young design student, for today only you can find our video "Typeface Official Trailer #2" on the YouTube homepage! The video was chosen by Karen Kavett, a student at Rhode Island School of Design, who was selected by YouTube to curate their homepage for the day. Karen - whose own videos on typography have made a big impact with YouTube viewers - chose the Typeface trailer as part of her "Spotlight: Cool Typography" series (refresh your page if you don't see it right away). Continued

Typeface is Tops with Trendy Techno-Typophiles

In a recent newsletter to fans, Typeface put out the following challenge: "Typeface is now available for download on iTunes! So head over to the iTunes store and download Typeface for your computer, iphone or ipad.  First person to send in a photo of themselves watching Typeface on a train, plane or bus from their laptop wins our Techno-Typophile award! And, for you folks who love a challenge, if you can get a photo of yourself watching Typeface on your ipad/laptop/iphone while simultaneously tweeting and using your Vandercook letterpress, we'll send you a t-shirt." Given how the film has been so fantastically supported by our community of fans around the world, we should have known that one of you would rise to the occasion! And Arley-Rose Torsone of Penland School of Crafts was just that super Techno-Typophile we were seeking, as she sent in this photo and the following description: "Here I am at Penland School Of Crafts when I saw your challenge to take a photo of the movie playing while printing on ye ole vandercook. Unfortunately I couldn't twitter at the same time, because I was taking the picture from my iPhone, using the hipstamatic app to imitate an old Holga.  It's pretty meta, don't you think?" Yes, yes we do. Congratulations to Arley-Rose, Techno-Typophile and proud owner of a Typeface T-Shirt! Want to get in on other great subscriber-only announcements and competitions? Sign-up here for the Typeface newsletter! Typeface screenings are coming up in Australia (a mini-tour!), New Zealand (twice!), California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Maryland. See you there or on Facebook (where we now have over 1,000 friends!) and Twitter! Continued