True Memories and Other Falsehoods focuses on three people: the first is Penny Beerntsen. In 1985, Penny was brutally attacked. The local sheriff’s department wanted to capture her assailant, but investigators followed a protocol which made memory contamination predictable. Penny identified Steven Avery as her attacker, and her eyewitness testimony helped to convict him. Avery spent 18 years in prison before being cleared by DNA evidence.  In addition to Penny, we follow an individual who believed he committed a violent crime that he did not commit, as well as a law enforcement officer who unintentionally elicited a false confession.   The film will present the complexities of memory and belief without pointing blame so that viewers can better understand how eyewitness testimony and confessions should be obtained, used, and assessed. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to support True Memories and Other Falsehoods. Contact e-mail: