In 2013, Reveca Torres and Mariam ParĂ© met online and bonded over art, injury and a deep connection to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Both Mariam and Reveca had injured their spine and were paralyzed from the chest down. The women often discussed their experience as women and artists with disabilities and decided to recreate Kahlo’s painting ‘Dos Fridas’ using photography, making their own costumes and inserting themselves in the image both sitting in their wheelchairs. Disability advocate, Tara Ahern, joined the project as the photographer and quickly connected to the project through her own experience as a woman with disabilities as well as a shared love of Frida.

Over the next five years Reveca, Mariam and Tara worked together to recreate other iconic images in art and history replacing the subjects with people with disabilities. The Tres Fridas Project became a collection of 16 images that includes recreations of Mona Lisa, Rosie the Riveter, The Last Supper, Whistler’s Mother, John and Yoko on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and more.

Tres Fridas the documentary records Reveca, Mariam, and Tara’s creative process as artists with disabilities as they seek to authenticate the human experience of disability -- not as one of inspiration, shame, fear, or pity, but as one that is familiar and painted with community, love, pain, frustration, beauty, happiness and drive.