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"One of "30 For 30"'s finest episodes."

“Another win for vet filmmaker Steve James… a meticulously balanced, "Rashomon"-type account of the '93 incident and its aftermath.”

Joe Leydon, Variety

"Steve James’ documentary is as profound and multi-layered as its subject, at once politically trenchant and deeply personal."

Cynthia Fuchs, Pop Matters

"Ultimately, The Trial Of Allen Iverson stakes out a seemingly impossible middle ground between the white and black communities, at least insofar as it gives equal voice to both sides and reveals the answers (and, well, The Answer) to be elusive and ambiguous. The film has the extraordinary quality of being simultaneously clarifying and murky, and that’s just great journalism on James’ part. He’s taken arguably the most polarizing figure in basketball over the past 15 years and lowered our collective temperature about him. And that’s no small achievement."

Scott Tobias, Onion AV Club

"The film masterfully captures issues and arguments about racism in Virginia and the US then, as well as the issues that surround Iverson now as a superstar of the NBA."

Ron Sutton,

"No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson holds up an honest mirror to our faces, and what it ultimately determines isn’t pretty. When it comes to race in America, there simply is no easy answer. What’s worse, there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight. As an act of personal sports journalism, this is a very good film. As an expose on race relations, it’s a great one."

"With "No Crossover," James has created a picture of Iverson that appears to be closer to who he actually is than anything we've ever seen. It's at once troubling, exciting, fascinating, maddening and enlightening -- a complicated and rich film that, like its titular subject, defies categorization and offers no easy answers."

"As told by James and his crew, Iverson's story is a great American tragedy, a harrowing look into the gaping racial fault line that runs through America in general and Hampton, Virginia, in particular."

Elise Nakhnikian, Slant magazine.

"Peppered with James’ own memories, voice over and on-camera reminiscences and filled with remarkable frank, candid interviews by Hampton residents, No Crossover is about a lot more than a troublemaking basketball player."

Filmmaker Magazine

"A meditation on justice, prejudice, and the enduring racial tensions that pervade much of small-town American culture."


"In this stirring documentary, No Crossover leaves audiences with a clearer understanding of the troubled future Hall of Famer who, ever since the defining incident of his life, has worn with hostile pride his me-versus-the-world attitude."

Austin American-Statesman

"You may come out feeling more sympathy for Allen Iverson or it may just reinforce your beliefs in him as just another punk. That's what some of the great documentaries are capable of. "

Erik Childress, Cinematical

"Once again, [Steve] James has a slam dunk on his hands, putting simplistic Hollywood storytelling to shame... Grade: 'A' "