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"The directors have recorded moments of deep human emotion. Their cameras allow participants to speak for themselves—but they also allow the observer to see a great deal that is not spoken aloud."

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"Extraordinarily moving study…If screen art is defined as that which offers the Aristotelian experience of 'pity and terror' there can be few 'art films' which have included anything so devastating as a single scene in this film."


"Home For Life is the most moving and gently penetrating film I have seen, dealing with the theme of old age in our society. It is, in a sense, a hymn to life; yet, it presents a challenge to us to face up to one of the most pressing problems of our day—our attitude towards the aged. In its own way, it is a work of art rather than an artful work."

Studs Terkel, Author

"The Movie of Truth—unforgettable scenes, a film of devastating impact…"

Michaela Williams, Chicago Daily News

"An extraordinarily moving documentary..."

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times