Ask Steve James & Raj Patel Anything

Steve James and Raj Patel, creators of the Generation Food Project, will be doing a "Reddit IAmA (Ask Me Anything)" online chat from 5pm-7pm CT (3pm-5pm PT) today. You can ask them about their new collaboration Generation Food, or any of their other film or book projects, or anything else!  Generation Food is about the world's food crises, and currently fundraising for research and production. Read a newly published conversation between Raj and Steve about the project and the campaign. If you would like to support the project, please chip in. Continued

Generation Food Growing Funds with Indiegogo Campaign

Steve James, director of Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters, has teamed up with Raj Patel, academic, activist and author of bestselling book Stuffed and Starved to make Generation Food, a documentary that explores innovative approaches to global food issues. The duo is in the third week of their Indiegogo campaign, which has raised just over a quarter of its $50,000 goal. The funds will cover travel costs, equipment, digital platforms for distribution and education, funding for researchers, and the Indiegogo campaign itself. Continued

First funding for new Steve James project

Kartemquin is pleased to announce the first award of funding to a new Steve James documentary project: Generation Food. The film was announced today as one of the first ten recipients (out of over seven hundred) of the PUMA.Creative Catalyst Awards from Channel 4 BritDoc Foundation. Learn more about the awards.   Generation Food will look at the global issue of how we will eat in the 21st century. The film's synopsis is as follows:   Continued