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"A deft portrait of a family on the razor’s edge between hope and dread.”

"Along with offering a firsthand glimpse of the U.S. criminal justice system, "Finding Yingying" beautifully portrays the relatable confusion, uncertainty and worry many Asian parents face when sending their children to study abroad."

“an attempt to find something – meaning, solace, anything – within the tragedy”

Zach D’Amico, Rough Cut Cinema

“a raw study of human perseverance that comes from the heart”

 Andrew Salazar, Geeks of Color

“one of the most crucial watches of 2020”

 Andrew Salazar, Geeks of Color

“a beautiful documentary that will make you think twice about how true crime films portray victims.”

 Raquel Stecher, Quelle Movies

“emotionally packed ... breaks from the standard true crime doc formula”

Nathaniel Muir, Adventures in Poor Taste

“Finding Yingying does an excellent job of telling a human story instead of sensationalizing a crime.”

Nathaniel Muir, Adventures in Poor Taste

“a celebration and a cautionary tale… this is a story that lingers.”

Cody Villafana, Cinesnob

“... it is Shi’s access that makes the footage truly transcendent.”

Cody Villafana, Cinesnob

"…an intense and heartbreaking work that tenderly tells the story of Yingying Zhang."

 Bobby LePire, Film Threat

“an emotionally exhausting experience… in the absolute best possible way”

 Bobby LePire, Film Threat

“Intimate and haunting...eerie perfection and a shiver of the unknown”

Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

“An agile storyteller, Shi, who shared DP duties with Shilin Sun, crafts potent visuals without the slightest showiness, whether capturing moments of tenderness or raging despair, or examining existing footage to highlight chilling details.”

"While it’s hard to enjoy Finding Yingying, the documentary itself is an impressive film that helps us learn more about the young soul who had a dream similar to most of ours. Through her dedication and hard work, she even managed to partially fulfill it, and if not for fate, Yingying could’ve gone all the way."

"In the end, Finding Yingying is an engrossing documentary highlighting the vibrant life of Yingying Zhang, an incredible person and student whose life was taken from her way too soon."

- Corbin Stewart, Keith Loves Movies

"Some filmmakers might fall into the true crime trap of trying to solve the “mystery” of who Yingying was at heart, but Shi leverages the difficult task of finding Yingying into a powerful exploration of the singularly modern spaces exposed by her loss. If the movie feels a bit too intimate for a traditional release in the current market, its personal touch and true crime veneer could make it an instant hit on a streamer like Netflix."

- David Ehrlich, IndieWire

"Shi was there from the beginning, a contemporary of Zhang’s at the school, and so her access feels completely different than this film would have in anyone else’s hands. So does her focus. The details of the case are here, but what’s different is the human element. For example, Shi travels with the family as the days drag on in the search for Zhang before her body was discovered, and she’s there for the emotional tumult of the trial. Instead of a typical true-crime approach that focuses on the investigation, “Finding Yingying” becomes about the impact of crime, especially in how things become more painful when they happen halfway around the world."

- Brian Tellerico,

"But Finding Yingying isn’t a true crime story, so it doesn’t exploit the gruesome details of Yingying’s murder to titillate or horrify the viewer. Instead, Shi takes an interest in the kind of societal mechanisms that make humane crime prevention impossible in the U.S., and, on the other hand, make the speedy prosecution of these violent crimes fairly simple in China...Still, in its simplicity and attentiveness, Finding Yingying speaks to the failure of institutions in the U.S. to support the needs of both citizens and residents, while simultaneously profiting off of them."

- Cassie da Costa, The Daily Beast

"Jenny has helmed an intense and heartbreaking work that tenderly tells the story of Yingying Zhang...The interweaving of photos of Yingying, lines from her diary, her family’s pleas for information, and the investigation into what happened to her craft a hypnotic, assured film that does justice to its subject’s life and legacy. [I]f you can get through it, you will be treated to a wonderful, thoughtful examination of what justice means across two different nations. It is amazing but it will break your heart."

- Bobby LePire, Film Threat

"It’s remarkable how Finding Yingying gets away from the traditional framework that governs how these stories are told, allowing the Zhangs to be seen separately from the horrific situation they find themselves in and on a larger scale, illuminating the subtle societal influences that shape not only their attitude towards what happened to their daughter but how the case is being processed in America. [T]hrough the near-radical level of compassion [Shi] shows in rejecting any implication that Yingying be seen exclusively as a victim or that everyone connected [to] her be seen only in the light of their pain, she finds that there are many other places besides the courtroom where justice can be served."

- Stephen Saito, The Moveable Fest

"This poignant documentary, which follows the story of Yingying Zhang... combines the care and steadfastness of a true-crime procedural with a rare sensitivity to questions of cultural difference, family dynamics, and the immigrant experience."