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"Edith+Eddie is a cautionary tale for our new era of economic want and callous self-interest."
Marilyn Ferdinand, Ferdy on Films
"The best feature and best short award winners both represent unlikely love stories, each one tender, tragic and ultimately life-affirming. Dina and Edith+Eddie are both distinguished by their unforgettable lead characters and their sensitive elicitation of universal truths."
Simon Kilmurry, Variety
"One of the finest observational documentaries of the year. What starts as a sweet and tender portrayal of elderly interracial love transforms into a damning cry against institutionalized elder abuse. It's currently long-listed for the Best Short Documentary at this year's Oscars and deserves to win."
"In just half an hour, EDITH+EDDIE captures so much about love, aging and infirmity–and speak volumes about America's issues with elder care and guardianship."
Norman Wilner, Now Toronto
"A more heartbreaking film might not be seen this weekend [at AFI DOCS]... bring tissues."
Eric Althoff, The Washington Times
"They were truly in love. What happened to them is horrible–it's elder abuse and it's happening all over. We're hopeful this film can make a difference."
"A terrific documentary... After you watch this it's like – wait a minute, I have to call my mother and grandmother more often than I do today. It's the first thing you end up feeling."
Chuck Todd, Meet the Press
"Most impressive perhaps, Laura Checkoway's intense and moving EDITH+EDDIE. Starting as a humbling, gentle portrait of a couple who have found love in their mid 90s, the film abruptly switches turn...Gripping the viewer for the duration and building something genuinely beautiful out of tragedy."
Matt Turner Shooting People
"A beautiful documentary. All of the things we look for in a film: challenging, universal... A gift of love and compassion."
Paul Booth, Talking Pictures
"Most impressive... intense and moving... achieving intimacy without feeling invasive... gripping the viewer for the duration and building something genuinely beautiful out of tragedy."
Matt Turner, Shooting People
EDITH+EDDIE shows exactly how our guardianship laws fail to protect vulnerable adults, and why reform is badly needed.
Benjamin Orzeske, Chief Counsel - Uniform Law Commission
"As wrenching as EDITH+EDDIE becomes, it still resonates most immediately as an intimate portrait of two people whose company you will come to prize as much as they clearly do each other’s...[Checkoway's] ability to give voice to those without a platform and her insights into a broken system purely through their personal stories has made her a truly exciting filmmaker to watch."
Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest
"It is the mix of incredible access and a willingness to embrace a story’s shrewdly synthesized structure, running the gamut from unbelievable fantasy to unbearable nightmare, that yields an extraordinarily memorable work of nonfiction that stands among the festival’s best."
Jordan M. Smith,
"EDITH+EDDIE starts out feeling like an inspirational story. A black woman and white man find each other, and love, in their mid-90s. But as the couple is separated due to a legal battle, what could have been a life-affirming hug turns into something darker: an indictment of the elder-care system, with racial undertones."
Steven Zeitchik, Los Angeles Times
"This film will pull at the heartstrings while striking a flame within the audience."
Lidia Moore, Vox Magazine
"An inspiring love story and infuriating elder rights legal drama...shouldn't be missed."
Stephen Saito, The Moveable Fest
"Capturing the beauty of a pure love unfazed, at least by the people inside it, by race or age."
Aarik Danielson, Columbia Tribune
"Pound for pound, this is one of the great films of the year...a lovingly told story done right, EDITH+EDDIE is a ride on the best kind of emotional rollercoaster."
Paul Sturtz, True/False Co-Conspirator
"One of the most beautiful and quietly furious films I've ever seen."
Julia Reichert, director of A LION IN THE HOUSE