"It's the place built out of Man's ceaseless failure to overcome himself... Making it the city of all cities most like Man himself.” – Nelson Algren

"There is an open and raw beauty about that city that seems either to kill or endow one with the spirit of life." – Richard Wright

Chicago Story (working title) is a mosaic portrait of Chicago and its citizens, captured at a crucial juncture in the city's history: the 2019 mayoral election campaign.

This documentary feature will aim to capture all of the competing and compelling realities of Chicago today through intimate portraiture of its many different residents – rich, poor, middle-class, white, black, Latino, immigrant - from Englewood to Uptown, Little Village to Wrigleyville, Austin to the Gold Coast.

The mayoral campaign, with over twenty candidates, will take us to all corners of the city, and the issues addressed will prompt residents to take stock of their own lives, as well as the future of this quintessential American city.