Directed By
Steve James
Peter Gilbert
Produced by
Peter Gilbert
Steve James
Executive Producer
Gordon Quinn
Alison Bourke
Executive Producers
Christine Lubrano
Debbie DeMontreux
Evan Shapiro
Director of Photography
Peter Gilbert
Edited by
Steve James
Aaron Wickenden
Zak Piper
Aaron Wickenden
Leo Sidran
Music Supervisor
Linda Cohen
Associate Producer / Archival Research
Emily Hart
Sound Recording
Zak Piper
Additional Sound Recording
Adam Singer
Additional Cinematography
Dana Kupper
Steve James
Post Production Supervisor
Aaron Wickenden
High Definition Finish
Nolo Digital Film, LLC
Digital Colorist: Mike Matusek
Producer: Joe Flanagan
Engineer: Boris Seagraves
Graphics: Jeremy Christen
Lead Compositor: Chris Sato
Post Production Sound Services
Skywalker Sound
a LucasFilm Ltd. Company
Marin County, California
Client Services
Eva Porter
Sound Editors
Kyle Gray & Gary A. Rizzo
Rerecording Mixer
Gary A. Rizzo
Equipment provided by
Fletcher Chicago
Dizzy Giant
Legal Services
Holland & Knight
Robert Labate
Kartemquin Staff
Jennie Gambach
Beth Iams
Liz Kaar
Jim Morrissette
Justine Nagan
Joanna Rudnick
Leslie Simmer
Alice Barr
Brittany Piper
Joanna Rabiger
Beckie Stocchetti
Transcription Professionals
Kartemquin Interns
Mary Adekoya
Michael Chandler
Shana East
Bryce Goodman
Elliot Greenberger
Susan Hanrahan
Jessi Knowles
Ahnna Lee
Neal Patel
Jackie K. Robinson
Tom Salek
Brian Schodorf
Amadi Jordan-Walker
Katie Weber
Matt Wittmer
Video Duplicaton
Global Video, Chicago
Jay Doyle
Original music by
Leo Sidran

Steve James

Steve James' affiliation with Kartemquin began in 1987 with the start of production of Hoop Dreams, for which he served as director, producer, and co-editor. He has since then become one of the most acclaimed documentary makers of his generation, with noted works being Stevie, The New Americans, The War Tapes, At the Death House Door, The Interrupters, Life Itself, and most recently the 2018 Academy Award®-nominated Abacus: Small Enough to Jail.

Gordon Quinn

Founder and Artistic Director

Artistic Director and founding member of Kartemquin Films, Gordon Quinn has been making documentaries for over 50 years. Roger Ebert, of the Chicago Sun Times, called his first film Home for Life (1966) "an extraordinarily moving documentary." With Home for Life Gordon established the direction he would take for the next four decades, making cinéma vérité films that investigate and critique society by documenting the unfolding lives of real people. 

Aaron Wickenden

Aaron Wickenden is a multiple Emmy and ACE Eddie nominated editor with extensive professional experience in many aspects of the independent filmmaking process. He is regarded for bringing a tireless work ethic and playful spirit to each of his creative collaborations... including the Oscar nominated film Finding Vivian Maier.

Zak Piper

Zak is an Emmy and PGA award-winning documentary filmmaker who has made films for over 15 years.

Currently, Zak is producing several feature films: Chicago Story (working title) with producer/director Steve James; Until the Lion Speaks (working title), for Concordia Studio, with co-directors Bing Liu and Joshua Altman; and Generation Food (working title), a film he is also co-directing/producing with Raj Patel and producer Rachel Wexler.

Emily Hart

Emily Hart is a director, producer and cinematographer with over two decades experience creating award-winning documentary films and television.  With Kartemquin Films, she produced Steve James’ No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson, which screened at festivals including SXSW, Full Frame, and iDOCS International Documentary Forum in Beijing; was broadcast as part of ESPN Films’ “30 for 30,” winner of the 2010 International Documentary Association Award for Best

Liz Kaar

Liz Kaar is an independent documentary filmmaker, working in Chicago and Latin America. She edited Kartemquin’s feature-length documentary Typeface, as well as a slew of shorts, demos and trailers for the company.  She’s also produced and directed non-profit videos for the Illinois Department of Public Health, CDC, and The Newberry Library.  Most recently she edited and associate produced the feature-length music documentary Andrew Bird: Fever Year.

Justine Nagan

From 2008-2015, Justine led Kartemquin Films as Executive Director as well as being an Executive Producer on each new film. She was responsible, in concert with the Board of Directors, for creating and implementing the strategic vision for Kartemquin. Justine successfully transitioned to the ED role in a historic founder-led organization, and made major strides in building a foundation for long-term sustainability.