Usama Alshaibi interviewed in the Chicago Reader

American Arab director Usama Alshaibi is profiled in today's Chicago Reader, in advance of tonight's party fundraiser at Chicago's Stan Mansion at 6pm. Bring a copy of the Reader article to tonight's event to receive $10 off your entry to the event. Please come out to support Usama and the completion of this important film!

And if you can't wait until tonight, here's another sneak peak clip from the demo, which will world premiere tonight!


New American Arab video online!

Check out the first exclusive video clip from Usama Alshaibi's American Arab! The film has a fundraiser on August 5th in Chicago (tickets still available!) at which the filmmakers will show the world premiere of their latest demo of the film.

The first video features a profile of Taqwacore musician Marwan Kamel of the band Al-Thawra in conversation with Usama Alshaibi. Taqwacore is an Islamic Punk music genre/movement taken from the words 'Taqwa' - meaning 'piety' or 'fear of god' - and 'Hardcore,' for the punk genre. The short video challenges a number of stereotypes of American Islamic culture, much like American Arab itself.


Kartemquin goes tapeless with the SONY HD PMW350

This week Kartemquin Films took delivery of the newest Sony tapeless HD video camera, the PMW350. The camera is one of the first in the country (serial #33) to be in service. Featuring a shoulder mount design with 2/3 inch chips, the camera replaces a tape based Panasonic HD camera. The 350 uses the same memory card based workflow as our smaller EX3 camera, thus allowing producers to shoot many hours of high quality HD footage with no tape or digitizing costs.

Due to the larger chips, the new camera features a very high light sensitivity of ASA 850 at "0" gain to allow available light High Definition shooting in almost any setting. With a low power draw of only 16 watts, fewer batteries are needed for a full day of shooting.

The camera is full 1080x1920 resolution, and shoots 24P, 30P, and 1080i.