Ben Strang
Erin Sarofsky
Caryn Capotosto
Karen Carter
Executive Producer
Steven Anderson
Consulting Producer
Gordon Quinn
Tim Horsburgh
Vanetta Drummer-Fenton
Christian Fenton
Vanessa Drummer-Harvey
Teresa Hill-Putnam
Amber Mackenzie
Ashley Walter
Caleb Walter
Joshua Putnam,
Ronan Putnam
Denis Hill
Glenn D. Phillips
Virginia Phillips
Howard M. Fallis Jr.
Cheyanna Raychel Garza
Dominic A. Garza
Wyatt Clay “Rabbit” Bowles
Post Supervisor
Marisa O’Hara
Post Producer
Joel Signer
Director of Photography
David Bolen
Camera Assistant
Arturo Ochoa
Additional Camera Assistant
John Houston
Sound Recorder
Richard Walters
Manuel Crosby
Assistant Editors
Diana Lee
Meaghan Rahamut
Supporting Editorial
Joan Laduca
Bobak Lotfipour
Casey Trela
Sound Department
Arianna Pane
Flame Artist
Cory Davis
Cory Davis
Storyboard Artist
Brian Vincent Rhodes
Cat McCarthy
Griffin Thompson
Technology and Support
Mark Galazka
Kenny Albanese
Erika Larsen
Photographer Assistant
Andrianna “Andy” Mereuta
Public Relations
Roger Darnell
Legal Counsel
Jeff Becker
With Production Support from closerlook:
Ryan Mason
Jim Kelly
Chelsea Patton
Chrissy Steger
Carrie Lewis
Mackenzie Nickens
Parker Gibson
Susan McCarthy
Stacy Collins

Ben Strang


A Mystery to Me director Ben Strang is a documentary filmmaker with an immense passion for stories about the power of community and the resiliency of the human spirit. His stories often center around small groups of people holding onto incredible beliefs — whether they be altruistic, occult, or self-destructive.

Gordon Quinn

Founder and Artistic Director

Artistic Director and founding member of Kartemquin Films, Gordon Quinn has been making documentaries for over 50 years. Roger Ebert, of the Chicago Sun Times, called his first film Home for Life (1966) "an extraordinarily moving documentary." With Home for Life Gordon established the direction he would take for the next four decades, making cinéma vérité films that investigate and critique society by documenting the unfolding lives of real people. 

Tim Horsburgh

Tim Horsburgh is an independent producer and consultant dedicated to the development, production, marketing, distributing, and impact of award-winning, impactful documentary films.

Serving on Kartemquin staff from 2009-2021, he was most recently Kartemquin’s Director of Film Strategy, leading the organization's original documentaries through their collaborative production model; industry outreach, strategic initiatives, and brand-building; and serving as the point of contact for Kartemquin Producers and Associates.