'63 Boycott at Christ the Mediator

On March 17th, 2013, the filmmakers of '63 Boycott attended the workshop performance of an opera organized by the Civil Rights Opera titled "Shades of Mississippi", written and directed by Alan Marshall depicting the 1963 Chicago Public School boycott. The show at Christ the Mediator Church located in Chicago's South Side drew an audience of those who participated in the boycott of 1963, Chicago's largest civil rights demonstration.  The filmmakers connected with many of these participants, along with the brothers, sisters, friends and family of participants. One woman in particular stood out, though. Taking an interest in the '63 Boycott booth, this woman recognized herself in an image taken from the footage filmed at the 1963 boycott.  Continued

#DocYourWorld unites Chicago documentary community

Over 60 documentary makers across the fields of journalism, film, radio, and the web will present at #DocYourWorld, a 3-day Chicago symposium on all things documentary. Kartemquin filmmaker and Columbia College Chicago Associate Professor Dan Rybicky (Almost There) created the conference, which features many of our films and filmmakers, including an exclusive sneak preview of clips from The Trials of Muhammad Ali. #DocYourWorld runs from April 16-18 at Columbia College Chicago and is free and open to the public. Kartemquin-related highlights include: Continued

'63 Boycott Website Launches!

On April 1st, 2013, Chicago's Kartemquin Films (Hoop Dreams) will launch www.63boycott.com as part of '63 Boycott, a cross-platform, web driven project designed to connect with participants in the historic 1963 Chicago Public School Boycott and engage the public in the importance of this history when considering the issues the city's public education system faces today. The website will help find the subjects for a documentary film, and evolve into a platform for those who participated in the boycott 50 years ago and those struggling for equal education today. The project is directed by Gordon Quinn (A Good Man, Prisoner of Her Past) and produced by Quinn and Zak Piper (The Interrupters). Continued

Meet Legendary Filmmakers and Critics at SCMS Chicago

From March 6-10, the world's largest gathering of cinema experts will be in Chicago. The Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) 2013 Chicago Conference brings together global film academics and critics to discuss the past, present and future of cinematic arts. So, of course, Kartemquin is involved! The showpiece opening night event of the conference is also open to the public: Urban Documentaries and Social Change: Where Are We? Asking the question of "how do we socially understand urban media and how has the contemporary political landscape impacted documentary filmmaking?", the event, hosted by the MCA Chicago, features a very strong and rare meeting of acclaimed panelists. Continued

Take Part in '63 Boycott

Did you or someone you know participate in the 1963 Chicago School Boycott? We filmed the boycott in 1963 and are searching for participants in this historic event who are interested in sharing their stories for possible inclusion in the '63 Boycott film now in production. '63 Boycott will feature previously unreleased 16mm footage of the event, along with then and now interviews with organizers and demonstrators who took to the streets of Chicago on October 22, 1963, (AKA "Freedom Day") protesting the segregationist policies of CPS Superintendent Benjamin Willis in one of the biggest mass civil rights protests in the city's history. 63 Boycott and its companion website will provide a modern perspective on the impact and legacy of this forgotten history 50 years later, reconnecting the participants to each other and the event itself. Continued

TFI Interactive: Bear 71 and Interactive Storytelling

Interactive, transmedia productions promise to hold a prominent role in the future of documentary. Some of the best work in this arena in the present is being made through the National Film Board of Canada, a friend of Kartemquin and traditionally one of the world's great supporters of independent documentary media. As Kartemquin takes our first steps in this arena - with Interrupt Violence (a web-based extension of The Interrupters, launching in September) and the forthcoming 63 Boycott, among others - we have been watching with interest some of the NFB's great work, as well as other projects supported by the Tribeca Film Institute (partners on Interrupt Violence). Continued

63 Boycott gets first funding from Illinois Humanities Council

We're delighted to announce that the Illinois Humanities Council has given initial funding of $5,000 to 63 Boycott, a new Kartemquin documentary being produced/directed by Gordon Quinn and produced by Zak Piper.   63 Boycott looks at the Chicago School boycott of 1963 when more than 200,000 Chicagoans, mostly CPS students, marched to protest the segregationist policies of CPS Superintendent Benjamin Willis, who placed aluminum mobile school units on vacant lots as a permanent solution to overcrowding in black schools.   Continued