Kartemquin Night Brings Happiness to Millennium Park

"This project must have been blessed. Everything just fell into place,” stated Founder and Artistic Director Gordon Quinn during his discussion before the screening of Inquiring Nuns (1968) on July 26th. The same could have been said for the night, as over one thousand KTQ fans and film fans came together on a beautiful Tuesday night to celebrate “Kartemquin Night at Millennium Park” as part of our 50th Anniversary.

Gordon Quinn to give University of Chicago's 2016 Robert H. Kirschner, MD, Human Rights Memorial Lecture

Gordon Quinn, founder and artistic director of Kartemquin Films, will return to his Alma Mater, the University of Chicago, to give the 2016 Robert H. Kirschner, MD, Human Rights Memorial Lecture on June 2, 2016 at 6:00 PM, during the 2016 UChicago Alumni Weekend. Quinn will be interviewed on stage by Jacqueline Stewart, Professor in Cinema and Media Studies and the interim director (2015-16) of the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry.


Did '63 Boycott find Bernie Sanders in archival footage?

The '63 Boycott project uses the web and original archival footage of Chicagoans protesting racial segregation in 1963 to encourage discussion of the past and present of the city's struggles around racial equality and the education system. The in-progress transmedia documentary project has collected numerous testimonials through a process of releasing footage and images and asking the public to share their recollections of participation in the boycotts. But their latest find is by far the most high profile yet.