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"If you find that Dawson's Creek lacks a certain grainy verite in its examination of teenage life, try 5 Girls..."

- Jed Dickson, Elle Magazine

"Finitzo elicits an amazing degree of candor from her subjects. 5 Girls offers a revealing portrait of a new girl. It’s one we've seen little of in mainstream media."

- Marisa Guthrie, The Boston Herald

" important contribution to the national consciousness about adolescent girls because it breaks the all too common stereotypes."

- Norine J. Johnson, Ph.D., President, The American Psychological Association

"...Finitzo's restraint and compassion has made this one of the most powerful examinations of teenage life ever created...thorough, balanced, and insightful..."

- Taos Talking Picture Festival

"...a realistic, funny and refreshing glimpse into the lives of our future..."

- Karla Esquivel, indieWire

"With Chicago as its backdrop, everything from first loves to poverty, from hairstyles to immigration come to the forefront in this tightly woven drama."

- Chicago Defender

"It celebrates the girls' strength and ability to navigate such a confusing time of life."

- Norine Johnson, Ph.D, APA President

"This solidly realized chronicle of a time in the lives of five girls succeeds because it illustrates how each deals with impending womanhood, despite differences in ethnic and economic backgrounds."

- The Taos News

"Director Maria Finitzo manages to serve up fully realized individual portraits while also distilling the essence of a young girl's inner life, returning to common themes of parental conflict, self discovery, alienation and sexual awakening...a vivid record of adolescent resilience, 5 Girls is highly recommended."

- A. Cantu, Video Librarian

"This ambitious documentary offers moving, detailed portraits of five young women."

- Ron Wertneimer, The New York Times

"This thoughtful documentary...does a splendid job of profiling five local teen girls as they wade through the choppy waters of adolescence."

- John Petrakis, The Chicago Tribune

"...As filmmaker Maria Finitzo follows these five Chicago-area girls over a three year peroid, you'll come to like and respect them all. Bottom Line: The girls are all right."

- People Magazine