Unapologetic at Cleveland International Film Festival

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 12:00 am

Cleveland, OH
Cleveland International Film Festival

Janaé and Bella are Black female activists fighting for transformative justice, responsible policing, and legal reform in Chicago, Illinois. Frustrated that Black women are frequently excluded from leadership in mainstream movements, they unapologetically advocate for racial justice through a Black, queer, female lens. Janaé, a leader in the Black Youth Project 100 and a doctoral candidate, balances rallies for justice with dissertation meetings. Bella is a scholar and “raptivist” using music to promote Black liberation and uplift Black women. The documentary follows their relentless campaigns to achieve justice for Rekia Boyd and Laquan McDonald, both fatally shot by police. Despite growing evidence of misconduct, no officers have received disciplinary action. UNAPOLOGETIC presents an unfettered view of a rising generation's frustrations. Often misunderstood and perceived by authority as brash and unreasonable, these leaders are provided with a platform to freely express their concerns, fears, and desires. What emerges is a beautiful portrait of two young activists maturing into Black woman organizers at the helm of powerful grassroots movements. — R.R.