The Dilemma of Desire at Film Girl Film Festival

Friday, November 13, 2020 9:00 am

Nationwide, USA,
Film Girl Film Festival

Maria Finitzo's The Dilemma of Desire will be streaming with Film Girl Film Festival from Friday November 13th, to Friday November 20th. 

The festival was founded by Andrea Thompson, who became inspired when people in the local film community and Hollywood insiders alike started having in-depth discussions of the obstacles and disparate treatment women in the industry continue to endure. As the festival grew, Andrea decided to rename it the Film Girl Film Festival to foster partnerships across the worldwide community while featuring and supporting the Milwaukee arts scene.


The Dilemma of Desire is a feature length vérité film from director Maria Finitzo about female sexual desire and the powerful gender politics that revolve around NOT acknowledging female desire. We know that the female body is the primary metaphor for sexuality - saturating advertising and mainstream erotic imagery. However, female sexual desire - what women actually want - is left out of the conversation. To make matters worse, cultural, religious and political forces, in fact punish women for expressing their sexual desire. The bottom line however, is this: there can be no equality without equality of pleasure.

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