The Dilemma of Desire at Bergen International Film Festival

Monday, October 12, 2020 12:00 am

Bergen International Film Festival

The Dilemma of Desire will be streaming as part of the Bergen International Film Festival, October 12th - 31st. Bergen International Film Festival annually presents over 150 documentary and fiction films, and is to this extent the largest film festival in Norway. BIFF has a dedicated focus on documentaries, but as an audience you also have the chance to see a number of fiction films, short films, and more.

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No equality without the clitoris

We live in a world that is obsessed with body and sex, and where the media is flooded with sexualized bodies and motives - but: Do you know what the human body's only organ whose only function is pleasure really looks like? Artist Sophia Wallace's cliteracy project alerted neuroscientist Stacey Dutton that she had never seen a drawing of a clitoris before. In this socially critical documentary, we also meet industrial designers and activists who work to change society's views on sex and female sexuality.

More specifically, THE DILEMMA OF DESIRE is a film about the clitoris - and about the complex ripple effects of this invisible and misunderstood organ being banished from both the anatomy books and popular culture. By giving the clitoris its rightful place in society, the women we meet in this documentary want to deal with a centuries-long suppression of female perspectives and sensual pleasures. This is an activist, educational and entertaining documentary that shows that the structures of society start with the abdomen.