A personal note from Justine Nagan

A few days ago I sent out a personal note to a small group of my family and friends asking them to include Kartemquin in their end of year giving. Then yesterday I turned my attention to our formal appeal. One of my trusted colleagues came into my office and suggested pitching the formal appeal and instead sending out my personal note more widely. He felt it was truthful, and from the heart and that it really conveyed the passion behind what we do. I hope it resonates with you too...

Hi all,


A History of What Wasn't

Carolyn Faber is leading the project to assess the state and contents of Kartemquin's 46-year archive of production materials - a collection of (conservatively estimated) 12,000+ different film reels, video tapes, hard drives and more. The painstaking work is unraveling a hidden history of Kartemquin and our filmmaking that has never properly been noted, let alone made public - especially those films we started but could never get funding to finish.



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