A Sister's Call

Remembering Call Richmond

All of us at Kartemquin are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Call Richmond, who was featured in the KTQ Labs documentary A Sister's Call.


When we were first approached by the film's producers Rebecca Schaper and Kyle Tekiela, Call's amazing story inspired us, and we were delighted to be able to offer them editorial assistance and ongoing outreach assistance. 



After 14 Years, KTQ Labs Film "A Sisters Call" is a Wrap!


After almost a decade and a half of filming, A Sister's Call is finally completed and is beginning its outreach campaign. Here's an update on this exciting new film from outreach coordinator and former Kartemquin intern Jeff Perlman:

Call Richmond disappeared in 1977. Twenty years later, his sister Rebecca found him homeless, alone and suffering from severe paranoid schizophrenia. A Sister's Call follows Rebecca's journey to "bring her brother back" from the depths of his homelessness and his schizophrenia. Through helping Call, Rebecca and her family confront the issues of their dark past and attempt to overcome the complicated family dynamic that comes with caring for the mentally ill.

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