Kartemquin docs continue to impact communities

Chrissy Garcia on battling cancer and the film In The Family

At Kartemquin, we pride ourselves on the impact our films can make on audiences. Long after a film has played at festivals or on television, we hope that its quality will stand the test of time and that it will continue to move people to discuss the issues involved, and inspire them to take action no matter where they are in the world. Here are some recent examples of our documentaries stirring debate and meeting a positive response for their informed and engrossing depiction of complex subject matter.


Typeface is Tops with Trendy Techno-Typophiles

The film Typeface playing on a laptop on a Vandercook press, taken on an iPhone

In a recent newsletter to fans, Typeface put out the following challenge:

"Typeface is now available for download on iTunes! So head over to the iTunes store and download Typeface for your computer, iphone or ipad.  First person to send in a photo of themselves watching Typeface on a train, plane or bus from their laptop wins our Techno-Typophile award! And, for you folks who love a challenge, if you can get a photo of yourself watching Typeface on your ipad/laptop/iphone while simultaneously tweeting and using your Vandercook letterpress, we'll send you a t-shirt."

Given how the film has been so fantastically supported by our community of fans around the world, we should have known that one of you would rise to the occasion! And Arley-Rose Torsone of Penland School of Crafts was just that super Techno-Typophile we were seeking, as she sent in this photo and the following description:

"Here I am at Penland School Of Crafts when I saw your challenge to take a photo of the movie playing while printing on ye ole vandercook. Unfortunately I couldn't twitter at the same time, because I was taking the picture from my iPhone, using the hipstamatic app to imitate an old Holga.  It's pretty meta, don't you think?"

Yes, yes we do. Congratulations to Arley-Rose, Techno-Typophile and proud owner of a Typeface T-Shirt!

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