Human Rights

Golub: Late Works are the Catastrophes announced

With Golub: Late Works are the Catastrophes (82 minutes) Kartemquin Films completes its chronicle of the work and times of the American artist, Leon Golub. Begun in 1985, the film ends with Golub's death in 2004. Released in the wake of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandals and the 24-hour news barrage of war, fear, and terror, Golub: Late Works are the Catastrophes is a powerful look at how we experience images of torture and the abuse of power.


The New Americans Premiers in March 2004

The New Americans, a PBS miniseries premiering March 2004 from award-winning Kartemquin Films and ITVS, follows four years in the lives of a diverse group of contemporary immigrants and refugees as they journey to start new lives in America. The detailed portraits -- woven together in the seven-hour miniseries -- present a kaleidoscopic picture of immigrant life and a personal view of the new America.



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