Ryan Gleeson

​Ryan Gleeson is a documentary filmmaker based in Chicago, Illinois. After cutting his teeth on his parents' VHSC camcorder and spending a summer editing Hyphenated Humor with the late Jerry Blumenthal, Ryan spent half a decade at Kartemquin Films involving himself in a variety of ways, including but not limited to film production, workflow planning, tape archiving, event planning, and gallery curation. He rose to be Kartemquin's Post-Production Manager. He served as an Additional Editor and Post-Production Supervisor on the recently completed Raising Bertie, and as the ​Post Production Supervisor on Abacus, Life Itself, Saving Mes Aynak, In the Game and the soon-to-be released​ ​Unbroken Glass and All the Queen's Horses. ​He has also worked as an assistant editor on films such as The Trials of Muhammad Ali, Almost There, The Homestretch and a variety of films still in production. Beyond filmmaking, Ryan is an avid fan of coffee roasting and brewing, dialing in the family spaghetti sauce recipe, and tinkering with his motorcycle.​

Films by Ryan Gleeson

Wuhan Wuhan 2021
Post-Production Supervisors
Represent 2020
Additional Kartemquin Staff, Thanks
Finding Yingying 2020
Additional Kartemquin Staff
Minding the Gap 2018
Post-Production Supervisor
America to Me 2018
Technical Supervisor
Eating Up Easter 2018
Additional Kartemquin Staff
Cooked: Survival by Zip Code 2018
Post Production Manager
'63 Boycott 2017
Assistant Editor
Raising Bertie 2016
Post Production Supervisor, Additional Editor
Unbroken Glass 2016
Post Production Manager
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail 2016
Post Production Supervisor, Assistant Editors
In the Game 2015
Post-Production Supervisor, Kartemquin Production Assistants
Hard Earned 2015
Kartemquin Films Staff
Life Itself 2014
Post-Production Supervisor, Assistant Editor
The Homestretch 2014
Technical consultants, Assistant Editors
Almost There 2014
Post-Production Assistants
American Arab 2013
Post Production Assistance