Jim Klein

James Klein has been an independent filmmaker since 1970. With his partner, Julia Reichert, he created such innovative documentaries as Growing Up Female, the first documentary about women from a feminist perspective which was selected for the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress; Union Maids, one of the first oral history films and an Academy Award nominee; Methadone: An American Way of Dealing, which challenged government policies on heroin addiction; and Seeing Red, a film about American communists that was nominated for an Academy Award.

He is a founder of New Day Films. Klein's first solo documentary, Letter to the Next Generation, contrasts the political attitudes of today's college students with those of college students 20 years ago, and Taken For a Ride confronts the controversial reasons for the failures of public transit in America.

Klein has also had a distinguished career as a film editor in the independent film community, such as Scout's Honor, about gay discrimination within the Boy Scouts; Lion In The House, about kids and their families fighting cancer and a prime time Emmy winner; and The Last Truck, about the closing of a GM truck factory and an Academy Award nominee. He is Consulting Editor on Saving Mes Aynak.

Films by Jim Klein

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