Ian Kibbe

Ian Robertson Kibbe started as a Kartemquin intern over 10 years ago and has since gone on to produce work for PBS, NPR, The Onion, CNN, Time, Billboard Magazine and the Huffington Post.  Ian produced the award-winning Kartemquin documentary, Raising Bertie (2016), served as cinematographer for Unbroken Glass (2016), and worked on countless KTQ films in various capacities. Between 2013-14, Ian was on staff at Kartemquin as the interim Distribution Manager at Kartemquin Films. Prior to that he was the engagement coordinator for the Emmy nominated, designer cult hit, Typeface (Kartemquin Films) as well as the the award-winning PBS documentary, The Calling, and its companion campaign, What’s Your Calling (The Kindling Group). Though he doesn't look it he is mixed race, white and Afro-Caribbean. As he puts it, "My dad is Caucasian my mother is Afro-Caribbean. Together they made a Swedish ski instructor.” Being mixed race while living in the skin of privilege has given Ian an uncommon and nuanced perspective on race and identity that shapes his work as a storyteller. In his free time, Ian plays in a mustachioed, disco rap band. He likes dogs, travel, outdoor adventures, a good story, spicy food and college basketball. You can learn more about Ian at his website www.iankibbe.com

Films by Ian Kibbe

Raising Bertie 2016
Unbroken Glass 2016
Hard Earned 2015
Additional camera
In the Game 2015
Additional camera
The Homestretch 2014
Additional Kartemquin Films staff
Life Itself 2014
Additional Kartemquin Staff
American Arab 2013
Additional Kartemquin Staff
The Interrupters 2011
Typeface 2009
Outreach Coordinator