Gita Saedi Kiely

Gita Saedi Kiely was the series producer and story editor for Kartemquin Films’ acclaimed series The New Americans, a three-part, seven-hour series following five immigrant families' journey to and first years in the U.S. Prior to The New Americans she served on producing teams for Channel 4 in the UK, CBS and PBS in the U.S. and RTE in Ireland. Her other work includes line producing Reel Paradise, a feature documentary about indy film guru John Pierson and his family’s adventure on a remote island in Fiji; and Jailed For Their Words, a one-hour documentary on free speech and the Montana Sedition Act of 1918. Aside from production, Gita is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Montana School of Journalism and was the 2013 Festival Director of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. She is currently producing Mossedegh & Me, a personal reflection on the CIA coup that ousted then Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh from 1950s Iran.

Films by Gita Saedi Kiely

The New Americans 2003
Series Producer, Nigerian Story Producer