Eugene Kobayashi

Post-Production Assistant

Eugene is a Post Production Assistant. He works on various aspects in the finishing of a film. His responsibilities include media management, online editing, and creating exports for festivals and distributors. Eugene is a former intern at Kartemquin and worked extensively on the show Hard Earned. Most recently, he was the assistant editor for In the Game. Before joining Kartemquin, Eugene worked in the environmental field. Seeing a need to communicate environmental issues visually, he got hooked on documentaries and filmmaking. Eugene was born in Kyoto, and raised in Manila and New Orleans. He has a bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies and a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Chicago. He has spent the last 3 summers in Japan working on organic farms, producing and editing videos at an environmental organization, and shooting and editing videos for a Youtube personality. He enjoys running and analog photography.

Films by Eugene Kobayashi

Raising Bertie 2016
Assistant Editor, Kartemquin Interns
Unbroken Glass 2016
Post Production Assistant
Abacus: Small Enough to Jail 2016
Assistant Editors
In the Game 2015
Assistant Editor, Kartemquin Production Assistants
Hard Earned 2015
Transcription, Kartemquin Films Staff, Kartemquin Interns
The Homestretch 2014
Kartemquin Films Interns