A Statement from Indie Caucus: Keep the Public in Public Television

A Statement from Indie Caucus, An Organization Of America's Independent Filmmakers // December 19, 2014 KEEP THE PUBLIC IN PUBLIC TELEVISION DON’T LET WNET LEAD PBS AWAY FROM ITS MISSION OF BRINGING DIVERSE VOICES AND ENGAGING ISSUES TO THE PUBLIC WNET’s sudden decision to move Independent Lens and POV off the established 10pm Monday Thirteen/WNET schedule is an outrage. WNET needs to move Independent Lens and POV back on THIRTEEN in primetime, to best serve its public and to set a best standard precedent for the PBS network of stations. PBS champions these series as the premier platform for independent voices and diverse stories on public television. This move by WNET amounts to the removal of independent voices from primetime TV by the station, and marks a suppression of remarkable yet marginalized American voices and their audiences. Putting these documentary series back on Monday nights on THIRTEEN is crucial to serving WNET’s mandate to be a truly public TV service. WNET, as a central conduit for PBS, was founded to represent the complicated fabric of the U.S. and our many independent voices. PBS prides itself as a broadcast leader that serves Americans through documentaries that open up new worlds. It is WNET’s responsibility to ensure that marginalized and independent voices have equal opportunity in public media to reach audiences. Thirteen/WNET serves an audience twice as large as secondary WLIW, where these programs have been shunted. Thirteen/WNET programming accounts for the largest audiences for most of these diverse programs. Taxpayer dollars make WNET viable. Independent Lens and POV programs showcase the diversity of America, with major award-winning documentaries such as the three part series A Path Appears, the follow up to multi-award winning Half the Sky by Pulitzer Prize winning journalists Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof; critics’ favorite The Great Invisible by Margaret Brown, about the Gulf Oil spill; and a possible Best Documentary Academy Award contender The Kill Team, about the causes and consequences of war crimes. It is richly ironic that the first program impacted is Sundance Grand Jury winner Rich Hill, a film that focuses on marginalized young people struggling with poverty. The second film is the multiple award-winning Evolution of a Criminal by Darius Clark Monroe, with Executive Producer Spike Lee, which brings a unique perspective to our country’s dialogue about race and criminal justice. These top-tier, highly acclaimed productions deal with important issues rarely explored in American media. They offer point-of-view stories, which awaken empathy, incite awareness, and make connections: among others, teen homelessness; rural poverty; ecological crisis; untold African-American history; and military injustice. Independent Lens and POV's programming not only drives these national conversations, they come with robust social action campaigns and other educational materials that facilitate better conversations among citizens about how to address the important issues facing a democracy. The announcement of this move came with no warning to the public or the independent community and only two weeks before the scheduled Independent Lens start date. WNET shows a lack of respect for the independent voices that richly contribute to the public discourse for which public television was created. This move also represents a careless dismissal of donors, foundations and institutions who have been dedicated to supporting the broader mission of public television for decades, and who have a profound understanding of the need to protect independent voices in public media. WNET, return Independent Lens and companion series POV back to THIRTEEN at 10pm Monday nights. Treat your audience and this nation’s independent and diverse voices with the respect they deserve from the public television they fund. TAKE ACTION: Add your name to our list of supporters at our change.org petition here. Tell PBS to support and promote point-of-view documentary: Write Paula Kerger, President and CEO of PBS, at pakerger@pbs.org or submit your comments to the PBS Ombudsperson here. Tell WNET to put top-tier documentary back on THIRTEEN on Monday nights: Write or call Neal Shapiro, President and CEO of WNET, at ShapiroN@thirteen.org / 212-560-1313. Go to indiecaucus.org for template emails. Sign up for updates and show your support by adding your name to our list of supporters. Email us: indiecaucus@gmail.com Twitter: @indiecaucus / #indiecaucus / #keepPBSpublic / #PBSneedsindies Facebook.com/indiecaucus SIGNED: Indie Caucus Founding members Steven Bognar, Katy Chevigny, Johanna Hamilton, Tim Horsburgh, Byron Hurt, Brad Lichtenstein, Paco de Onis, Dawn Porter, Gordon Quinn, Julia Reichert, Bernardo Ruiz, Carlos Sandoval, Pamela Yates. 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