The Interrupters: DVD


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The #1 documentary of 2011!
IndieWIRE, The Village Voice, Roger Ebert/Chicago Sun-Times, Entertainment Weekly, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune,, Time Out Chicago, Paste Magazine, Slate,, and more!
"A gut-wrenching documentary"
—Manohla Dargis - The New York Times
"Excellent... Inspirational."
—Kenneth Turan, L.A. Times
"This is a great film."
Roger Ebert, Ebert Presents at the Movies
"Riveting... With seemingly unlimited access, The Interrupters is an explosive and unapologetic look at the vicious reality of gang life"
—Chris Joseph, Miami New Times
"Nearly perfect... one of the truly great documentaries of 2011... [Steve] James' "Hoop Dreams" has been spoken of with reverence and wonder for 17 years; now, he has an equal to its reputation."
James Rocchi, MSN Movies
THE INTERRUPTERS: Over 50 2011 Best Film, Best Documentary and Top 10 Listings.


56 minutes of extra footage! BONUS SCENES INCLUDE: - Ameena mediates her nephews - Ameena reads prison letter from dad - Ameena sells Girl Scout cookies - Ameena with Anjanette Albert - CeaseFire training - Cobe and Stephon, part one - Cobe and Stephon, part two - Cobe and Stephon, part three - Cobe visits his old friend Sadat - Cobe's life in the suburbs - expanded version - Eddie's school and family visit - Lloyd vs U.S. Floyd - Tio and family go sledding - Tio confronts Interrupters - Zale vs Elena, Eddie crosses the line - Caprysha's graduation - Behind the Scenes with Composer Joshua Abrams OFFICIAL THEATRICAL TRAILER INCLUDED