Represent Kickstarter launches – watch teaser!

Represent launches their Kickstarter campaign today – support the film here. The film is the debut directorial debut of Hillary Bachelder, and is produced by Anne Sobel, associate produced by Carina Nieto, and assistant edited by Amber Love. Represent is an intimate look at three first-time female candidates stepping into the political spotlight, taking a personal look at the challenges facing female candidates and the internal and systemic barriers to office. Continued

Episode 2 of America to Me airs tonight on STARZ, still 2018's best-reviewed original TV show

"Some documentary makers are adept at addressing the structural forces that govern society, and others are skilled at emotional, character-driven storytelling, but few do both simultaneously with the richness and precision of Steve James." – Akiva Gottlieb, Los Angeles Times The first episode of the 10-part docu-series from director Steve James premiered last Sunday, August 26 on STARZ not only to wide critical acclaim, but also marked the kick-off of a multitude of watch parties and episode discussions across the country – including at Oak Park and River Forest High School. Want to host a watch party? Learn more about the America to Me Real Talk social impact campaign here. Continued

America to Me kicks off 10-city tour, on Starz Sunday

America to Me, the 10-part documentary series from director Steve James, begins a nationwide 10-city tour tomorrow, August 24, in Atlanta, GA. The tour is part of the America to Me "Real Talk" civic engagement and educational outreach campaign launched by Participant Media alongside the release of the series, which premieres on STARZ this Sunday, August 26 at 10pm ET/9pm CT. The campaign aims to inspire dialogue and action around the issues of race and equity highlighted in the docu-series. Continued