Kartemquin Preserved!

Kartemquin Films is excited to be the recipient of a 2006 Partnership grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation to preserve its founding film, Home for Life. This grant, totaling over $11,500 in in-kind services and cash funds, will allow Kartemquin to restore and re-release this important film. Thanks to the Spertus Institute, the Chicago Film Archives, Chace Productions, Film Technology and I-Cubed for their assistance and support with this effort. This is Kartemquin’s first preservation award. For more information, or to see who else was awarded, please visit filmpreservation.org. Continued

Milking the Rhino receives grant from the Illinois Arts Council

The Illinois Arts Council has awarded Kartemquin Educational Films a grant of $14,270.00 from State funds for support of the feature length documentary: Milking the Rhino...and Other Tales of Community Conservation. Each Kartemquin project employs and hopes to inspire a variety of Illinois artists. Our films succeed because of the collaborative efforts of local directors, writers, cinematographers, editors, musicians, graphic designers and many talented others. Milking the Rhino is no exception. This grant is part of the larger picture of IAC support for Kartemquin projects over the years. In the case of Milking the Rhino, this financial support will help to offset the costs of high definition video post-production during our 2007 fiscal year. Continued

Milking the Rhino Work-In-Progress DVD is complete

A new DVD which contains 88 minutes of rough-cut material is now finished. The disk is comprised of 11 stand-alone scenes from Namibia and Kenya as well as a short demo for the film. Director David E. Simpson edited the material with assistance from Associate Producer Aaron Wickenden. Kartemquin’s Jim Morrissette authored the disk and Dan Sharkey, formally of gripdesign, created beautiful packaging. Along with newly revised fundraising materials, authored with the help of development consultant Julie Simpson, the Milking the Rhino team will be using this disk as part of a targeted fundraising push. In the coming months, the team will be approaching specific foundations and exploring various co-production possibilities as a way to meet their fundraising goals. Plans are underway for a final return trip to Africa in Spring of 2007. Continued

Milking the Rhino holds successful fundraiser in Santa Fe

On Sunday, May 21, 2006 a fundraiser for Milking the Rhino...and Other Tales of Community Conservation was held at Gabriel’s Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thirty-two artists from the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Africa, and the island of Mauritius donated over 60 pieces of original artwork and crafts to the event. The gallery donated an African inspired buffet of exotic foods accompanied by South African wines, while the Maple Street Dance School from Albuquerque donated live performances by Ghanaian drummers and dancers. A short demo video of Milking the Rhino was screened for the audience of approximately 200 people generating a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm for the documentary. Continued

Milking the Rhino crew returns from Africa

After a successful production trip to Namibia and Kenya, Milking the Rhino...and Other Tales of Community Conservation is now three-quarters of the way to being "in-the-can." 67 hours of HighDef footage (Panasonic Varicam, 16×) was shot by cameraman Jason Longo, and sound person Rich Pooler. The crew was led by director David E. Simpson and producer Jeannie Magill, who are now preparing to edit a rough cut of this material. Continued