Sneak Peek of '63 Boycott this Thursday at Hyde Park Union Church

This Thursday at the Free Minds, Free People conference, we will premiere a never-before-seen ten minute trailer of our upcoming documentary, `63 Boycott. The film chronicles the Chicago Public School Boycott of 1963 when more than 200,000 Chicagoans, mostly students, marched to protest the segregationist policies of CPS Superintendent Benjamin Willis, who placed mobile school units on playgrounds and parking lots as a “permanent solution” to overcrowding in black schools. The project, which incorporates recent interviews with our historical footage from 1963, will offer a modern perspective on the impact and legacy of this forgotten history 50 years later as it reconnects the participants to each other and the event itself. Continued

Help Us Finish On Beauty: an Appeal by Joanna Rudnick

We recently had a chance to share On Beauty with the nation for the first time when Rock Center with Brian Williams profiled Rick Guidotti and his pioneering work with Positive Exposure. The response we received back was INCREDIBLE. This was followed up by a righteous piece on Upworthy that featured our trailer at its core. This is telling us that everyone wants to see a whole film about Rick Guidotti and Positive Exposure, and I am here now asking you to HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Continued

In Memoriam: Michael Sullivan

All of us at Kartemquin would like to note the sad passing of Michael Sullivan, longtime executive producer with FRONTLINE for PBS. In particular, he is fondly remembered by our team on The Interrupters, which aired on FRONTLINE in February 2012. The Interrupters director Steve James states: "All of us who worked with Mike on The Interrupters mourn his passing and remember him as a truly valued colleague and steady guide throughout the making of the film with FRONTLINE." Continued

The Trials of Muhammad Ali screens this weekend at AFI DOCS

On June 20, 1967, Muhammad Ali, perhaps the defining athlete of the 20th century, was convicted of evading the United States draft by refusing to take part in the Vietnam Conflict. 46 years later, the political and cultural impact of that landmark court case comes to life in Bill Siegel’s The Trials of Muhammad Ali. Hailed by Dave Zirin (Sports Editor of The Nation), as “The best Muhammad Ali doc I've ever seen,” The Trials of Muhammad Ali is an explosive film that explores Ali’s choice to stand up for belief and conscience over fame and fortune. As William C. Rhoden writes in the New York Times, Ali's story is "a reminder that courage, honor and integrity are timeless." Continued

Sundance and SF Film Society help The Homestretch

Great news for The Homestretch: the film was selected to take part in the Sundance Institute's 2013 Documentary Edit and Story Labs, and is a finalist for funding from the San Francisco Film Society 2013 Documentary Fund! The Sundance Institute's Documentary Edit and Story Labs brings together just 9 director and editor teams with world-renowned documentary filmmakers and Sundance Institute staff to support creative risk-taking around issues of story, dramatic structure and character development. From Friday, July 5 - Saturday, July 13 The Homestretch director/producers Kirsten Kelly and Anne de Mare will attend with editor Leslie Simmer. Continued

Victory for In the Family: Supreme Court rules against human gene patents

A major victory for Joanna Rudnick and the American Civil Liberties Union! On June 13, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against Myriad Genetics regarding the legality of gene patents. Myriad held the patents to the BRCA1 and 2 mutations, which significantly raise the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Our film In The Family addressed this issue in 2008 and helped raise awareness of the movement that led to this final decision. Continued