The Homestretch picked for SXSWedu; gets outreach grant

The Homestretch will screen for over 8,000 educators at the 2015 SXSWedu conference, held in Austin, Texas March 9-12, 2015. The film was one of just three titles announced this week for the conference.

There was more great news for Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly this week as they received a $10,000 outreach grant from the National Institute for Healthcare Management's journalism fund. The NIHCM praised the film for exploring "broad social issues, including mental health, through the stories of three homeless teens."

We have also confirmed that the film will return to Chicago on November 21st for a second week-long run at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Following the film's initial Chicago run - which saw it generate the highest box office for any film in the nation playing on just 1 screen - a surge of support through the film's Causevox campaign allowed the filmmakers to provide essential supplies directly to homeless youth. You can still contribute to that campaign.

November will also see the theatrical release of the film in New York (November 22-26 at Maysles Cinema), Los Angeles, Fresno, Oakland, San Jose, and New Orleans and Seattle will follow in December and January. More theatres are still being confirmed - bring the film directly your local theatre via Tugg!

Ahead of those dates the film is playing multiple film festivals and community events. These include dates in Hot Springs, Dallas, Port Jefferson, Harrisburg, Bloomington, Rochester, Kansas City, Memphis, Boulder, Columbia, Grand Rapids, and St. Louis. See more details and the latest events here.

Contact the filmmakers if you would like to screen the film.