Remembering Chicago's great school boycott of 1963

A new article in the Chicago Reader draws parallels between today's protests of Chicago Public School closings and the 1963 CPS boycott that is at the heart of '63 Boycott.

Ben Joravsky - writer of the book version of Hoop Dreams - states in the article that "today's students should know they're part of a long tradition of protest," encouraging Chicagoans who may have participated in the 1963 CPS boycott to look through the hundreds of pictures of boycotters at to see if someone they know who was involved. The project will then reunite the participants by including them in our film, and engaging them in discussion around issues that are clearly still very relevant now.

"The boycott is one of the great civil rights struggles in Chicago," says the film's director Gordon Quinn. "But it's never really got the attention it deserves."

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